Frequently Asked Questions

I normally don’t charge by the hour because I am a very fast and efficient Tattooer. Some artists might take five or six hours to do something that I can more than likely do in 3.5 to 4 hours.

I do $800 half days and $1500 full days. If you pay cash, I will take $100 off of your total price.

My deposit is $100 for a half day & $200 for a fully day. It is non-refundable.

I will give you one free reschedule before taking your deposit and if you cancel on me or reschedule without making another appointment that is considered a cancellation and you will forfeit your deposit.

Yes, I do smaller tattoos – I have a $200 minimum.

My half days range anywhere from 3 to 4 hours and my full days range anywhere from 5 to 6 hours. Like I said above, I am very fast and efficient and get a lot more work done than the average tattoo artist and still give great quality with the value.

I heal different tattoos different ways. Once we are finished with your tattoo, I will go over your aftercare process.

Depending on the area we are tattooing, wear something loose or able to remove in order to gain access to the area properly. Also keep in mind you might get ink on the clothes you wear, so wear something you do not mind getting dirty.

This is going to be ultimately up to you and the design we are doing. I always recommend (if you are indecisive) to go black and gray because later on down the road we can always add color. Once you add color, we cannot take the color out and do black and gray – that is my professional opinion.

As far as this questions goes, a lot of artists do not like the usage of numbing cream because you are more prone to more harder healing and can mess up the healing of the tattoo – which will lead to me having to touchup the artwork. This does not always happen, sometimes it heals fine. However, I do not personally recommend numbing cream. If you need it to sit longer, I will deal with it, but at that point – I do not give a free touchup. If you do not use numbing cream and something heals improperly, I do offer free touchups.

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